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Scorpion's unique, specially formulated XO2

Bed Liner Material can be applied to almost

any surface including metals, wood and fiberglass.

Protection is guaranteed with our 100% Lifetime Warranty against cracking, peeling and fading.


  • Resists most chemical/solvents
  • Helps prevent rust
  • Watertight barrier
  • Protects Metal/Wood/Fiberglass

Full Metal Jacket is a tough, durable coating. It absorbs impact, remains flexible, and it will not chip, crack, warp, peel, or tear.

Scorpion Color Chart

Scorpion Bed Liners

Full Metal Jacket is a 100% pure polyurea that is applied hot to provide the strongest, most flexible protection in the industry. Full Metal Jacket is manufactured by Specialty Products, Inc. (SPI), the world's leading manufacturer of spray polyureas. Anything less than 100% pure polyurea compromises the strength an durability of your bedliner.


  • 100% UV Stability
  • Non-Skid Surface
  • Extremely Tough
  • Lifetime Warranty

Resists Impact and Abrasion

Full Metal Jacket offers a consistent, non-slip, textured finish that helps to keep loads in place, protecting your cargo and your truck.

Bed Liners

Full Metal Jacket creates a seamless barrier that locks out rust and corrosion.

Full Metal Jacket Plus


Reduces Cargo Slippage


  • 12 Standard Colors
  • Custom Color Options
  • Texture Options
  • Increase Truck Value

Prevents Rust